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The photographs in the Gallery Pages show a selection of stoneware pots made in the last few years, the building of a new kiln at The Knott in 2009 and small scale Raku sculpture made in 2008.

The  Stoneware comprising a  range  of  bowls,  plates, mugs, jugs, vases  etc.  is thrown using a kickwheel and completed with various high fired glazes. I formulate my own glazes using a variety of minerals.
 Each of the pots is unique. First the clay is hand thrown on the wheel or slabbed to produce the forms. After the first firing the glaze is applied by hand. Finally careful control of the kiln atmosphere during the second firing brings out the character of the ware, its colours and durable finish.

The Kiln is gas fired and was built to plans published by Joe Finch in his excellent book "Kiln Construction: A Brick by Brick Approach".

The Raku Pots are hand built using a coarser clay which is able to stand up to the Raku firing process. This involves removing the hot pots from the kiln at about 1000°c with tongs and placing them in a bin filled with hay, or other burnable stuff. The burning that takes place as the pots cool results in charring and smoking which gives the Raku ware its distinctive quality.

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